Alarm Solutions

With the rapid growth of technology and automation, building owners are facing a growing number of data driven systems being installed in their buildings every day. These systems go far beyond just telecom equipment including HVAC, environmental control, lighting systems, energy management, fire safety, security access control, alarm and security devices, and more. Traditionally, these systems have been installed as independent standalone systems, often by multiple vendors, and they have carried the ongoing challenge to building owners of streamlined, integrated, dependable monitoring.

Foley Building & Electric Systems, Inc.s goal is to provide alarm solutions that:

  • Successfully and cost effectively integrate multi-vendor products.
  • Seamlessly integrate data with information systems.
  • Secure access to multi-site, multi-user, and multi-platform control systems.
  • Monitor and provide intelligent, responsive data on all major and minor alarm systems.

Foley alarm solutions are engineered to be client-specific and are based on individual needs. Properly engineered and installed, these systems allow the customer to be in control of their facilities and its employees at all times.

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