DC Power Solutions

Foley Building & Electric Systems Inc. has a team of highly skilled technicians experienced in installing DC power systems complete with a full range of equipment and engineering resources.

Services provided include but are not limited to:

Battery Replacements
Battery Installations and Removals
Rectifier Battery Chargers
Battery Distribution Fuse Bays
DC/DC Inverters
DC/AC Inverters
AC/DC Converters
DC Power Cabling
24V/48V DC Power Plants
24V/48V Rectifiers
DC Powerboard Restructuring
Power Plant Additions

On all projects, unless otherwise specified by the client, Foley Inc. supplies all cable, wire, relay racks, mounting hardware, patch panels and cords, DSX and power panels, software, fuses, and any other associated materials required to make the new equipment operational.

Prior to installing any new equipment, Foley Inc. inspects and ensures that the existing power system is adequate to supply the power for all new equipment. In the event that the DC power system is found to be inadequate, Foley Inc. will upgrade the system to accommodate the new equipment.

Foley Building & Electric Systems Inc. engineers and installs DC power systems according to unique client specifications. With years of engineering experience worldwide, our solutions are turnkey -- from requirements definition through install.

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