Direct Digital Control

Professionally engineered, programmed, and installed Building Automation and DDC Systems can result in significant savings in energy and maintenance costs to building owners. Foley Building & Electric Systems Inc.ís team of highly skilled technicians understands the complexity of such systems and has experience aligning customer requirements with uniquely designed system capabilities.

DDC Systems are primarily used in commercial HVAC and energy management systems to control the air conditioning and heating comfort systems with the underlying objective of cutting / controlling operational costs. DDC systems are a more efficient alternative to conventional pneumatic or electromechanical HVAC control systems because the equipment is capable of performing not only the control but also the management and diagnostic functions in the environment of a centralized computer network.

Foley Inc.ís engineers uniquely design the DDC system to accept input from remote sensors and devices, process the data, and then control remote mechanical equipment.

DDC systems offer the following benefits:

Control Precision
Systems Coordination
Energy Reporting
Trend Information and History Data
Data Analysis
Monitoring and Maintenance Information

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