Fiber Optic Testing

Structured Cabling Systems are at the foundation of all information networks. Thus, ongoing monitoring and testing is critical as it allows building owners to quickly identify problems, plan for maintenance interventions, and help alleviate workflow disruptions and network downtime. Besides short-gage strain sensors that measure directly the local properties of the construction materials, long-gage length deformation sensors can give additional information on the global behavior of the structure.

Testing methods, if not properly engineered by professionals, can be complex, tedious, and costly. Foley Building & Electric Systems Inc. recommends testing that provides automatic and permanent monitoring from within the structure itself and with high precision and good spatial resolution. We firmly believe that fiber optic deformation sensors can give useful information both during the construction phases as well as in the long term. Testing techniques and the principles of measurement for fiber-optic are in all cases designed to meet specific client needs.

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