Earth Grounding

Foley Inc. prepares and/or upgrades the grounding system prior to the start of any new project. Low resistance earth grounding is essential for the safety and protection of sensitive electronic equipment. All grounding systems should be designed to meet the client specified requirement of resistance.

Services include:

Soil Testing
Ground Fields
Hand Held Measurements
Fall of Potential Measurements

A ground system must meet NEC (National Electrical Code) Article 250 requirements. An effectively engineered Earth Grounding System will produce the following results:

  • limit voltage in a electrical distribution system to definite fixed values
  • limit voltage to within insulation ratings
  • provide a more stable system with a minimum of transient over voltage and electrical noise
  • provide a path to ground in fault conditions for quick isolation of equipment with operation of ground fault protection
  • provide grounding of all conductive enclosures that may be touched by personnel, thereby eliminating shock hazards
  • reduce static electricity that may be generated within buildings
  • provide protection from large electrical disturbances (such as lightning) by creating a low resistive path to earth

At Foley Building & Electric Systems Inc., we believe that a properly engineered Earth Grounding System is the foundation for any building's power quality assurance program.

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